Petition to Stop Torturing Miley Cyrus


Miley Torture Petition Die hard fans are demanding that Queen twerker and perpetual tongue bearer  Miley’s new image be respected. It appears Hannah Montana is gone baby gone.      

White House Petition To Declare The Lunar New Year A Holiday


Lunar New Years Holiday PetitionFans of the Lunar New Year are demanding the White House make the Lunar New Year a national holiday. Given there are almost forty thousand signatures on the petition, it would appear many believe the lunar new year has not been given its due. As long as we can get another day off from work we at Bizarre Petitions endorse the idea.          

Petitioners Demand Festivus!


Faithful citizens are demanding the resurrection of Ben & Jerry’s Festivus Flavor during this holiday season. Their reasoning is simple—it’s the flavor for the rest of us! As long as a portion of the proceeds go to the “Human Fund” we at Bizarre Petitions offer our full support. Festivus Petition

Ban Miss America?!


One unattractive woman has started a petition to ban the Miss America pageant on grounds that it demeans women! Needless to say the petition has not garnered any signatures. While we agree that the bullshit interview round should be eliminated, but to ban the pageant is simply not very American! Enjoy Ban Miss America Petition

End Double Standard For Easy Women!

maxresdefault (7)

Apparently certain casually moral women are sick of the double standard, and have started a petition to end slut-shaming. We at Bizarre Petitions didn’t know there was a problem. They are asking for a pledge to end the double standard between men and women’s behavior. Enjoy from our friends at

Dr. Phil Apologize to the Wiccans!

Wiccan Book Of Shadows - Elements

725 wiccans are demanding an apology from Dr. Phil for his rude treatment, and are petitioning the network for relief. Fear the wiccans! Dr. Phil apology petition

Petition to Ban the Release of a Breaking Bad Box DVD Set


Apparently petitioners are under the impression that Breaking Bad America’s favorite crystal meth show is corrupting the moral fiber of our nation’s youth. Needless to say this petition has not garnered many signatures. Enjoy. Petition to Ban Breaking Bad

Conjugal Visits in all 50 States!

With his arm around his wife's shoulders, this prisoners at Mississippi's State Penitentiary at Parchman prepares to spend afternoon in privacy, Sept. 9, 1959. The house they are entering is one of the special ones built at the prison for such conjugal visits. As a result of this practice, Parchman has escaped the unrest which has been exploding in prisons elsewhere across the country. Parchman is perhaps the only American prison where this is done. (AP Photo)

Over three thousand people are demanding that Obama allow conjugal visits in all 50 states. I guess they have forgotten that your supposed to be punished in prison. Conjugal visit petition

Make May 20th Macho Man Randy Savage Day

maxresdefault (8)

Wrestlemaniacs around the world are petitioning the White House to designate May 20th as Macho Man Randy Savage Day. They argue that the Slim Jim spokesman and wrestling champ is a national treasure and should be duly honored with his own holiday. Let’s just hope they include Miss Elizabeth! Macho Man White House Petition

Weird Al to save American Idol

Weird Al Yankovic poses for a portrait during an interview on Thursday, July 17, 2014, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Casey Curry/Invision/AP)

Over 7000 Weird Al fans are convinced that only someone with his talent can revive American Idol. We agree considering Nicki Minaj was deemed worthy by the powers that be to reinvigorate AI. Its time a true Grammy winning multiplatinum recording artist was brought on board. Weird Al to AI Petition

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