Help Stop!

With pleas for the good of the nation at stake,  a grand total of three signatories, are hoping to halt further broadcasts of commercials. Apparently these disgruntled singles have had enough. Enjoy this gem from the folks at  

A Petition In Honor of April Fools Day!

Fans of the 80s cult slasher film “April Fools Day” are demanding that Paramount Home Video release a delux bonus edition loaded with extras.  Given that the film stars two 80’s stalwarts–Deborah Goodrich and Deborah Foreman we at BP agree.  Also, how can we not support a petition that features the iconic hangman’s noose hairbraid on the film poster!  Enjoy.

Save The Other Simpson Lady

Calling all Ashlee Simpson fans!  Five irate fans are demanding that she be saved from herself for some strange reason.  We here at BP are just hoping someone saves her from a Pete Wentz reunion! Enjoy.

Lucky Charms to the UK!

Apparently irate UK fans of Lucky Charms cereal are demanding that General Mills bring back their beloved breakfast food and want your help by signing their petition!   We here at BP hope General Mills is listening!    

Cabin Boy to the Superbowl!

A group of irate fans are sick of the snubbing that “Cabin Boy” Chris Elliot has endured by the NFL powers that be, and are demanding that he be made part of the halftime show.   Enjoy.      


    It is good to see that Americans love soccer and have taken David Beckham and the LA Galaxy to their hearts; so much so that that you must support this petition to get the FIFA World Cup tournament to be held in the US (again). In fact, only America can put on a good show for any sporting event; so my suggestion is to hold all the sporting events in the world in America. Let’s face it, getting through border control is a breeze; all those nice, kind young men and women at the major airports always operate with a snarl and a grimace. And the cost of upkeep of the venues between major sporting events can fall on the US taxpayer. Much…

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Death to the Idols! Legally of course, after a trial.

  It would be a good move to bring in Kerry King and Dave Mustaine as Judges on the American Idol. For too long, the namby pamby liberals that have sat and made judgment on this (I can’t call it entertainment) monster have allowed it to get away with torturing the public, and crimes against humanity. Perhaps two new judges would actually hand down the sentence this monstrosity actually deserves; that is death by lethal injection for destroying over a period of time any semblance of a music industry that once existed and promoted good bands and not “plastic pop”.

Die for Chicken!

The last time I had lunch in Luigi’s trattoria in Downtown Naptown (Indianapolis to the less well informed) I was absolutely shattered to see that the Kamikaze chicken had been withdrawn from the menu. I asked Luigi and his mama why they had committed such a crime against Italian cuisine, and they told me that many people have said to them that this chicken dish was too spicy. What do these uneducated “non foodies” know? Luigi, mama, please put the kamikaze chicken back on the menu for all of us food lovers everywhere.


Horrified by the continued Kim K and Co., media bombardment, one man has started a petition to stop the frenzy and end their long since expired 15 minutes of fame. While we here at BP are sympathetic to careers built solely on sex tapes and one divine butt–enough is enough!   If you feel the same, then add your John Hancock!      

We Want Xena! Now!

Apparently over 200 people can’t seem to get enough Xena Warrior Princess, and are demanding a full length feature film be shot ASAP!  We here at BP after seeing every square inch of Lucy Lawless, aka Xena, on Spartacus Gods of the Arena  tend to agree.  Enjoy!

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