Nintendo: Make Harambe a Pokémon

Harambe the Great; or so some call him. The 17 year-old western lowland gorilla was enclosed in its habitat at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden when a young boy climbed into the enclosure and was grabbed by the 440 pound gorilla and dragged through the water of the habitat. Zoo keepers stepped in with live rounds and shot the gorilla, instantly killing it. The incident became one of international controversy as the video was released, and commentary made on it. The zoo and much of the public believe the killing was justified due to the risk of the child being injured. However, another large portion of the public believed the zoo was wrong in killing the animal and therefore called for justice. Fewer took the defense of Harambe further and began the hail the gorilla as a martyr, and holy figure, whether out of easing the tension of the situation or actually believing in a majestic, demigod gorilla, calls to action are now being made. This odd petition demands Harambe be “immortalized” as a new and playable Pokémon, the petition going directly to Nintendo and the Pokémon Company.

What’s odd about this is that most Pokémon are typically fictional creatures, often with powers, and to propose the notion that a zoo animal whose status has been taken by 12,500 (at the time of this writing) people to be elevated to considering the gorilla a saint, and deserving of being made a video game character is humorous, despite the unfortunate circumstances of its death.

Why not, Nintendo? Why not?


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